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We are a licensed bail bond agency serving in Lawton, OK, the surrounding areas, and the entire state of Oklahoma. We have built a reputation as a respected, locally owned and operated company. Our children attend school in Lawton, and we were raised here. We are committed to treating your loved one as if he or she were a part of our family, in need of help.

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Lawton Bail Bonds is well versed in the local and statewide court system, having a wealth of experience arranging for the release of individuals accused of a crime until the completion of their court appearances. We primarily serve clients who are in jail at the Lawton Police Department, City of Lawton Municipal Court, and the District Court of Comanche County. However, we can also post bonds in other states through our trusted affiliates. Depending on the circumstances, we do not always require co-signers and can offer some terms to qualified applicants.

Bail Bond Services In Lawton, OK, Is Our Specialty

As your bail bonding agent, we will post a defendant's appearance bond and guarantee that the defendant will be in court whenever required. Bail bonding agents must be licensed by the state and have appointment from an insurance company, or be a qualified cash bonding agent. If the defendant fails to appear, the court may order the bond "forfeited" and require the bonding agent to pay the court the full amount of the bond posted. Bail bonding agents have the right to apprehend the defendant, return him or her to custody, and use collateral taken for the bond to pay the bond forfeiture and costs.

If Your Friend, Family Member, or Acquaintance Needs An Honest & Knowledgeable Bail Bond Consultation Any Time Of The Day, Contact Lawton Bail Bonds.